About Us

The Eden-Rose Community Limited ('ERCL') is a registered Community Benefit Society. It has been developed in response to the diminishing funding available for local charities with the purpose of providing a range of activities, services and events that will benefit the local wider community.

As a Community Benefit Society, it will be owned by its’ shareholder members who are accorded democratic rights on the basis of one-member-one-vote. we are incredibly excited to meet a community of people who can learn and teach new skills to each other, get exercise and make new friends whilst collectively supporting a charity.

The funding landscape is uncertain. Many of us have felt the effects of widespread public-sector cuts. Business models that are more trading-based can definitely help charities weather the storm.https://www.thirdsector.co.uk/smaller-charities-feel-squeeze/governance/article/1421865

Our Steering Committee

Joanna Brooks

Founding Committee Member

Jo has been employed as charity manager of the Eden-Rose Coppice Trust from August 2015. Volunteered for the charity from its commencement.
Experience in charity funding, grant writing, outdoor education, teaching, learning support assistant for children with disabilities, adult mental health worker, wood craft, arboriculturist, woodland management, team building and community engagement.

Wendy Battye

Founding Committee Member

BSc.PGCE.Ad Dip Special Needs Education .MA.Forest School Leader. Throughout many roles I have been keen to develop outdoor education initially working on Outward Bound, Duke of Edinburgh and Science field trips and Outdoor experiences in recent years I have been focusing on outdoor education particularly for those with mental health and special educational needs.

Hannah Ruffles

Founding Committee Member

Working on a freelance basis, I provide digital and creative marketing services to a variety of businesses in Suffolk mainly fantastic food and drink producers.
I have volunteered at Brickmakers Wood in Ipswich since 2016. When I'm not on my Mac you will find me on the water, up a mountain or looking for an adventure.

Dr Robert Brooks

Founding Committee Member

Founder and current CEO of Eden – Rose Coppice Trust in 2007.
Experienced in running SME’s to profitability. Personal experience within the Cancer community relevant to the Charity with good business relations with oncologists, hospices and hospitals. Trained in pertinent arboricultural skills and experienced in leading teams of varying ability and difficult to reach groups.

Jennie Jordan

Founding Committee Member

Retired volunteer management and fundraising professional with 20+ year’s experience working in the not for profit sector. My experience is of working with volunteers and charities to maximise the mutual benefits, with a focus on getting the best from people regardless of their paid/unpaid status.
In my personal life I am an enthusiastic naturalist and have lots of practical experience in woodland management, growing trees and plants and in healthy eating.

Justine Oakes

Founding Committee Member


Environmental professional of over 20 years. Starting her career with the Ministry of Defence, she later went on to run her own environmental consultancy offering advisory and assessment services to public and private sector organisations on a range of sustainable development challenges. Justine’s current interest is to find innovative approaches to sustainable development that explore and recognise the economic and environmental impacts on social sustainability, organisational behavioural change and external partnership engagement.

ERCL's Services

ERCL will provide a range of outdoor educational services to young people of mixed abilities. It will build on Eden-Rose Coppice Trusts past history of success and expand to offer further services to a wider audience. We believe that every young person should be given the opportunity to have a positive learning experience. The Eden-Rose Coppice Trust charity will concentrate on its core aim of providing support to people with a life limiting illness.

Whether you are partaking in solo outdoor therapy, actively volunteering in groups, learning traditional crafts or simply sitting and contemplating, there are countless benefits to be gained from spending time in nature such as, reduced stress levels, decreased depression, raised self-esteem, boosted confidence and reduced anxiety. ERCL aims to provide nature-based therapeutic services and health benefiting volunteering opportunities.

ERCL will offer bespoke hospitality packages to the local community and businesses. We believe that everyone should have an opportunity to feel a sense of ownership of the natural, outdoor retreats, under our management. The hospitality packages will provide the local community and business with a perfect place to host all-inclusive children’s birthday parties, events and conferences. The unique setting offers the perfect space for business meetings, parties and weddings for young and old alike.

An outdoor, natural environment provides the perfect location for courses in skills and crafts. Immersive attention in a natural environment is proven to close down ‘mental chatter’ and greatly enhance mental well being. ERCL will concentrate on promoting this by: Providing courses and skill sharing workshops that evoke the senses, such as tasting and cooking foraged food; encouraging immersion in nature, whilst learning about wildlife; undergoing physical education whilst undertaking skills, such as coppicing.

Timeline of important events

  • 4th January 2017

    Lack of Funding

    Trustees of the charity noticed a decrease in the amount of funding available.

  • 1st May 2017

    Making Local Woods Work

    The charity sought advice from the Making Local Woods Work Programme.

  • 1st July 2017

    Call to action

    A status report and action plan was put into place to establish a Community Benefit Society

  • 1st October 2017

    Call to arms

    A Steering Committee was found and The Eden-Rose Community was born. A significant amount of time was spent ensuring that the business was viable and a professional business plan and share offer document was created.

  • 1st February 2018

    Registration of The Eden-Rose Community Limited

    We became an officially registered society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014.Registered with the Financial Services Authority.

  • 1st May 2018

    Booster Programme

    The Community Shares Unit, funded by Power to Change, approved our application for their Booster Programme. They awarded us with a grant to launch the share offer.

  • 9th July 2018

    Equity Investment

    The Community Shares Unit approved our application for their Matched Funding Programme. 🙂

  • 14th March 2019

    ERCL Share Launch Event Sudbury

    Very, very excitingly our share offer launches in Sudbury. Investors can now become members of The Eden-Rose Community.

  • 15th March 2019

    ERCL Share Launch Event Ipswich

    Our share launch event in Ipswich takes place.

  • 10th May 2019

    Share offer period ends

    Our share offer period ends now. However, the Steering Committee may extend the offer period if required.