The Eden-Rose Community Limited transforms urban environmental wastelands into beautiful, natural high biodiversity woodland settings for wildlife and the local community, especially adults and young people who are disengaged with society and have mental health and behavioural challenges. We donate all surplus profits to local charities.

The Eden-Rose Community Limited ('ERCL') has been established with the purpose of undertaking a range of outdoor activities that will vastly support the local community, especially young adults who are disengaged with society, and/or have mental health and behavioural challenges. Its objective is to donate any surpluses generated by these activities to provide a sustainable income to the Eden-Rose Coppice Trust, a charity that provides essential support to those with a terminal illness and their families and carers.

What the Eden-Rose Community does:


There is growing evidence that proves that contact with nature and green spaces positively affects health and well-being for young and old alike. The Eden-Rose Community provides assistance to people who are unemployed, isolated or just need a little support, in a highly beneficial tranquil and natural setting. . .. .. .. .. .. .


All children can benefit from spending time in nature. For those who have learning difficulties or are out of mainstream education, natural settings can provide an ideal vehicle for a full sensory curriculum. Children and young people can sometimes struggle in mainstream education environments. As a result, they may experience low self-esteem, poor self-confidence and believe they will never be independent learners. We believe that every young person should be given the opportunity to have a positive experience whilst learning conservation, woodwork and life skills. The Eden-Rose Community currently helps students to develop practical skills in woodwork, basic woodland management and develop life skills and employability skills for the future, whilst developing young people’s confidence and self-esteem.


Links within a community are vital in tough times and a person’s social networks can have a significant impact on their health. . Eden-Rose Community creates opportunities for people to feel part of a community. We offer regular volunteering sessions and community learning workshops and events. All helping to provide social networks and support. . .


ERCL’s services, events and activities focus predominantly on restoring and maintaining urban natural settings for wildlife and people. . ERCL focuses on increasing biodiversity in local areas and provides essential homes for wildlife, including local priority species such as the grass snake, West European hedgehog and stag beetle.


Times - 10am - 12pm/1pm

1st Saturday of the month
Times - 10am - 12pm/1pm

Please contact for more information.

Watch the video below to hear, first hand, how our programme is supporting young people in Suffolk